Safety & Security

We have requested Protection Officers from Critical Intervention Services (CIS) to patrol our property, effective May 23, 2013. These patrols will be done on a random basis from dusk to dawn. These Officers are here for the protection of our physical property.  They will be patrolling and enforcing community rules, such as tresspassing or after hours use of the pool.
All emergencies should be dealt with by contacting "911".  If you observe suspicious activity that is not an emergency, you may contact the Protection Officers at  813-221-1911 or 727-444-4465.
CIS has implemented a $250 reward for any information leading to the identification, apprehension, and conviction of any individuals involved in committing specific criminal acts on CIS protected properties. This includes information on property damage (fence, clubhouse, pools), vehicle thefts, vehicle burglary, drug sales, home burglary and robbery.
Please welcome these Protection Officers to our property.


We encourage ALL residents to report suspicious activity to the Sheriff's Office and Management.

Examples of suspicious activity are: 

  • Suspiciously parked vehicles or vehicles circling the neighborhood
  • Persons who are loitering who do not appear to be residents

It is extremely helpful to obtain a clothing description for suspicious persons and a Tag/Make/Model when reporting suspicious vehicles .

A direction of travel or specific location is also helpful when reporting this activity.

DO NOT WAIT to report such circumstances as time is of the essence. Call the Sheriff's Office number listed below.


*********************In an emergency call 911 Police/Fire/ Ambulance************************** 

 Non Emergency/Dispatch 247-8200                             


 Going on Vacation for an extended period of Time?  


                  Request a vacation Watch Click Here

                                                                   Neighborhood Watch

Online Sexual Offender/Predator search


                          Pool Safety                 

Residents are reminded to follow ALL pool rules which are posted at the pool.

 *Children MUST  BE ATTENDED by an Adult at ALL times.

Consider swims lessons and learning CPR 

In an emergency cal 911, seconds count!

  •  Be extremely considerate and safety conscious, our community design does not allow you much of a margin of error in the event of a fire. Be mindful that our residences are constructed of wood and are in close proximity of each other.
  • Be sure your house has adequate smoke detectors and fire extinguishers.
  • Discuss, practice and have an escape plan for your family.
  • In the event of a fire, don't hesitate, call 911 immediately
  • If you see or smell smoke in your neighborhood call 911 , seconds count!

 * Did you know that last year (2) houses in the neighboring Carrollwood Springs subdivision caught fire and were considered a complete loss?



(813) 221-1911
C.I.S. (Critical Intervention Services)

As of 07/31/07 our property management (ZOM) has hired C.I.S. to patrol our community in efforts to curtail incidents of Trespassing, Vandalism, and other criminal activity. C.I.S will serve as a community liason between our property management company and Law Enforcement to better serve the community. Below are photos of what you should expect to see on property. Please do not be offended if you are approached to identify that you are a resident as this is the only way CIS officers can determine who "really" lives here and who does not. The Villas at Carrollwood HOA is extremely pleased that our management has taken this initiative to ensure that only residents and their guests are on property.